How TrackSupps Works

Our Goal

Our ambition at TrackSupps is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when you buy fitness supplements.

We do this by collating the following information:

  • Product Price History
  • Cost per Serving
  • Delivery Costs
  • Competing Products (for comparison)

We are currently tracking over 10,000 product variations, checking each at least once per day. If we find multiple suppliers for the same product we will only show the lowest price.


Our team searches for the best discounts possible so that we can show you the true price of each product (ie. after the discount is applied). To see the discount that has been applied you can hover the 'View at Company' link:

Tiered Discounts

"Spend £20, get 20% off. Spend £40, get 30% off."
"35% off everything. Minimum spend £40."

In the case of tiered discounts, we will always use the largest percentage as the basis of our calculations. This may mean that you need to buy multiple quantities of an item, or add other items to your basket, to get the lowest price possible.

The reason we calculate prices this way is that often there are opportunities to buy multiple smaller quantities at a lower price than a single large quantity.

Strawberry Cream Whey Protein (500g) - £9.00
Strawberry Cream Whey Protein (5kg) - £108.00

In this case, if we didn't apply a discount to the 500g product as there was a minimum spend of £20, we would be missing a chance to show you a great deal.

Price Alerts

Our "Price Alert" feature allows you to set a Target Price for a product, and then we'll let you know via email when the price drops below that amount. 

Price Alerts are great for products where the price fluctuates heavily, like Whey Protein.

Category Pages

Our Category Pages are an amazing resouce if you are comparing competing products or looking for something new to try.

By default the page is sorted by 'Cost per Serving', with the lowest values showing first. However, this often leads to the largest variation being shown first. To solve this we also have a 'Sort Order' dropdown where you can change the order to 'Lowest Price'.

To ensure one product doesn't dominate the page, we group all flavours of a product into one listing, then display the price of the cheapest flavour.

We don't group sizes into one listing as we find it's useful to be able to compare the costs and savings when purchasing bigger sizes.

Search by Flavour

The 'Filter products...' input on the Category pages allow you to enter a flavour to show only products with that flavour. Searching for a flavour automatically ungroups the products so you can see every variant.

Data Accuracy

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the 'Last Updated' value indicated on each product page and are subject to change. However, TrackSupps does not guarantee that prices are correct. It is therefore important that you double-check the price on the retailer's website before completing a purchase to ensure that the price you have seen on TrackSupps is current and correct.